Let’s get this mother flipping party started!

I am about to review this tea into next week.

The first tea in my weekly blog is a wonderful Christmassy number from a Polish company called Mokate Loyd Tea.

I found it using the Google translation app, which is amazing! You hold your phone’s camera over the text you want translating and it does it on the screen in real time. It’s so much fun! And, you can download language packages for offline uses. This means that next time I go on holiday I don’t have to rely on my rudimentary language skills and strange gestures and waves. So I’ll look like less of an idiot.

Back to the tea at hand.

Using the app, I scoured the Polish section of my local shop, found the tea section and used it to find the caffeine free ones. This is because of the sheer volume of tea I drink on an evening. If I didn’t get caffeine free tea I would be bouncing off the walls.

I grabbed a couple of them in different flavours and brought them home.

The packaging for the Mulled Wine Tea with Plum wasn’t anything to scream about. It’s blue, has a mug on it and a plum. Pretty succinct really. But I’m not offering a critique on design. I’m here to book a one-way ticket to flavour town and, damn it, that’s where this tea is taking me.

The first thing you notice when you pour your boiled water in is the smell. It is incredible. It smells exactly like the mulled wine we had in Hamburg., to the point I had to double check I hadn’t just blanked out and actually made mulled wine.

After a couple of seconds, my kitchen smelled like Christmas. Cloves, orange, dried fruits, et al. It was permeating through my kitchen and into my face and I couldn’t wait to get sipping.

I let it brew for about 3 minutes (as well you should) and just basked in the intoxicating smell of a God damn winter wonderland. After those 3 tense minutes of impatience, I took a tentative sip.

The flavour isn’t as powerful as the scent, but it is not without its potency. The tea actually tastes alcoholic, which I guess is a bonus? And the flavours are amazing. Whoever crafted this wonderful beverage, I tip my cap to you.

I managed to get hold of the full English translation on Amazon and I checked off the flavours I could easily taste; such as apple, orange peel and blackcurrant. However, I have no idea what a chokeberry is and I don’t really know what rose is supposed to taste like, but they were in there too.

The spices comprised of your usual mulled wine fare of cloves, cinnamon and ginger but there was also hibiscus flower and liquorice. Nothing was overpowering and it all balanced really well.

In conclusion, this is a great winter tea and if I had some spiced rum and honey, I would be pouring them into this delicious hot beverage and getting drunk like bible times.