I have found a fellow tea connoisseur with Zoe, who occasionally comes into our work to do… something? I’m not sure entirely, but she seems super busy all the time. You can check out some of her stuff at Blue Teapot Media.

Anyway, back to the tea.

I like tea and so does Zoe, so she brought a load into work and one of them caught my eye. It was a lovely looking green number from Heath & Heather. Admittedly, I’ve never heard of that company before, but the packaging was enticing enough and the coconut sealed the deal.

So I gave it a pour and enjoyed a pint of it from my massive Batman mug, because I may not know how to properly adult.

It was a really nice tea, although  I think I may have over steeped it. That’s because I’m an idiot and I always leave the teabags in the mug while I drink. This meant that the latter half of the cup was quite bitter, but hey ho. Them’s the brakes I guess.

The coconut was really subtle, I kept forgetting it was in there a couple of times but it kept coming back as a nice surprise. I think it would have benefitted from a drop of honey, but I didn’t have any to hand.

This wasn’t as fun as the mulled wine tea I had before but that’s what you get with a green tea. It’s not exactly party material. Green tea, on its own, is more medicinal that delicious; however, the addition of a light coconut flavour definitely added a bit of mirth to the entire event.

In summation, I would be thrilled to drink this again (which I probably will) and if you like green tea, definitely give this one a go. If you’re not a fan of green tea, this isn’t going to suddenly convert you into a believer.

Zoe brought in loads of different teas, which means that this tea reviewing malarkey will be well supplied for the foreseeable future.  A fact that I am needlessly excited about.