After 3 failed delivery attempts (because I refuse to get up before 10am on my days off), my package from Wild Beer Co. arrived.

I had been sent a selection of their sour beers as I made an arse of myself because I didn’t think that the beer I bought was supposed to be sour. They then proceeded to school me on the nuances of beer in, quite possibly, the politest way I have ever been schooled.

They also sent me a lengthy and profoundly interesting account on how the beer I bought was brewed. From start to finish. I learned something I had no need of knowing, yet I felt better with that knowledge.

I would like to preface this series of posts with a disclaimer. I am not a beer sommelier. I have only brewed my own beer twice and the first time, I think I nearly killed someone. I have, however, enjoyed beer for a long time. I enjoy the range of tastes and styles. I am not a beer expert, I would probably label myself as an “enthusiastic hobbyist”.

I have a rough understanding of the terminology behind beers but I would definitely fail a blind taste test. So don’t expect talk of hops and yeasts, unless I’m directly quoting from the bottle. But do expect my usual brand of pop culture references, obscure analogies which weirdly work and a whole load of enthusiasm.

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