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I have been known to go on the occasional holiday. Not including the 3 months I spent in Africa, that was not a holiday it was work. It was still pretty awesome. Whether its a staycation (I hate that word) or an adventure to somewhere exotic, about 8 months after I get back, I’ll probably remember to write a blog about it

Let Me Talk To You About 40s

40’s. 40oz. One for me, one for my homie. I’m assuming that the vast majority of people reading this are not aware of the actual taste of a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor. Let me tell you… it is… Continue Reading →

Doyle’s Rules! Boston Day 2: Part 1

Where was I? Well, obviously, I was in Boston. Jackass. But where was I in my story? Oh yeah. I had arrived, bought whiskey and gone to sleep. So, I woke up. The room I was staying in, at Charles’… Continue Reading →

Shipping Up To Boston – Day 1

I promise! This one will be more successful than my ill-fated Gdansk blog. I lost track of the blog and now that trip is a sore subject. So let it go, imaginary person, reading this and commenting on my lack… Continue Reading →

My 6am Urgh Series

If you follow me on Instagram (@ljtstoney so now you have no excuse), you may have seen my regular stories. They usually feature a stunningly artistic shot (ha! Thank God for filters) along with the time and the hashtag #URGH…. Continue Reading →

Four Person Gdansk Troupe: Part 1 – The Arrival

For some reason, prior to my most recent trip, I had never entertained the idea of holidaying in Poland. Nothing against the place, it’s just not somewhere on my list of places to visit before I die. I am aware… Continue Reading →

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