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This is a new section of the website. It did originally start as just food and drinks but I’ve recently started working out properly and I am currently Chris Pratting my way into my 30s. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, I am relatively healthy and I’m pretty strong. I’ll put up some motivation, exercise routines, probably some reviews of protein powders and sports gear, if it ever gets to that point

Getting Back To The Gym

So…. A year ago I wrote a blog post about getting healthy. It was called “My 12 Week Fitness Challenge” The fact that it was actually written over 52 weeks ago should give you a bit of a clue as… Continue Reading →

My 12 Week Fitness Challenge: The Start

See that? That was me a few years ago. I looked awesome! I want to be that guy again! I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I spent 3 months in Africa as part of a volunteer service… Continue Reading →

My Weight Loss Journey

That picture bears no relevance to this post. As I’ve said before,¬†any and all pictures I have of myself are often not concomitant to the point I am trying to make, unless it involves food or beer. When I was… Continue Reading →

How a Song Called “Flower” Defeated Me…

I’m not massively into fitness, but I have recently been looking for a new workout which: Doesn’t take too long Doesn’t use anything outside of a barbell, dumbell or kettlebell Isn’t just repetitive motion (I know that seems like a… Continue Reading →

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