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Gluten Free Avocado Fries

Before I go on about why this has gluten-free in the title, please just let me big up these incredible avocado fries.

They take about 10 minutes. Almost no prep and they’re sooooo good. My avocado was even slightly under-ripe but, when they were cooked, the fries were crispy on the outside and soft and nutty on the inside. You can eat a whole bowl full of these or have them as a side dish. You could even make avocado nuggets and throw them on top of a salad to make it a little bit more decadent.

Do what you want with them, just make them, eat them and bask in their green glory!

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My Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled pork is one of those dishes that, when done right, just makes you look amazing. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I made about 1.5kg of pulled pork recently and ended up making about 5 different meals from it. Simple salad bowls, quesadillas, stuffed bagels, omelettes, there is so much you can do with it.

And do you know the best part about pulled pork? It’s sooooooo easy! In fact, the more effort you put in, the worse it becomes. The whole point of pulled pork is the classic cooking style known as “Low and Slow”. So you can obviously see why it appealed to me!

The whole thing takes somewhere in the region of 30 minutes of prep for the sauce, 6-8 hours of marinating, 8 hours of slow cooking and 45 minutes of high heat to finish it off.

Obviously, with that time frame, it’s not something to throw together to make as a quick snack. But believe me when I tell you, it is seriously worth it.

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Pear and Candied Walnut Salad with Prosciutto and Gorgonzola

That’s right people, possibly the world’s laziest cook is about to get all fancy up in here. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple and very quick.

Do you sometimes find that if you have a big breakfast, you are soooo hungry on the approach to lunch time? Somehow you’re more hungry than if you had just skipped breakfast. I’m sure there’s a reason for this and if anyone knows then drop a comment below.

All I know is that it is incredibly annoying. It’s like no other hunger. The only thing that comes close is when you’re starting to feel a little bit peckish so you order some food or put something in the oven. Your brain decides to amp up the hunger hormone to the point that you’re sat staring out of the window, counting down the seconds until the food is there. Why have you turned against us, brain? We were being so good to you!  Continue reading

Healthy Blueberry Crumble

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I’m not completely averse to eating an entire salted caramel chocolate bar but it’s not something I do on the regular.

That being said, there’s something about a good crumble which just takes me back. The sweet and tart fruit on the bottom, that wonderful caramelised, crunchy topping and the creamy ice cream you put on top because a crumble roughly reaches the temperature of the Sun and it is very difficult to not just start piling into it.

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National Vegetarian Week: Day 7 and the End of the Affair

Before I begin the summary of my week, let me just fill you in on the outcome of Anna Jones’ Really Hungry Burger, which I made last night.

Well, I had it again for breakfast. If that isn’t a high praise, I don’t know what is.

It is an absolutely incredible blend of flavours and flawless texture which will be made again when I get the chance. I did have to take a few liberties with the ingredients (I couldn’t find fresh thyme, I’m not making tahini paste and I live in Scunthorpe so if I asked about Medjool dates people would just laugh at me).

I made a couple of alterations based on my little sister’s directions and the resulting burger was, honestly, one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. It’s not that I couldn’t tell it was vegetarian or anything like that. The truth is, I didn’t care. I knew exactly what it was I was eating and after the first bite, the pang of dismay I felt at a lack of meat washed away to reveal a fervour and intensity that I haven’t really had for food for a while.

I savoured every single bite. I chewed for as long as I could in an attempt to stave off the inevitable end of this burger. It was a revelation and an experience between two toasted buns. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Now, onto my vegetarian experience…

So, this is it. I have completed a whole week of being vegetarian.

I’m still alive, I have none of the symptoms of protein deficiency and I don’t feel like I have starved myself at all. In order to keep up this week of blogging, I’ve actually eaten more often than usual. Which is a bonus.

Now, for the verdict. Has this changed my mind about my lifestyle and diet?

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National Vegetarian Week: Day 6 Veggie Bolognese and Burgers

Before we begin, today is World Whisky Day! Probably one of my favourite holidays (if I actually had any whisky in). If you do, do yourself a favour and make a good cocktail tonight. You deserve to treat yourself. If in doubt, I have the recipe for an Old Fashioned, right here! (Shameless self-plug)

I thought the weekend would be the most difficult part of this meat-free challenge. I’m used to burgers and massive great big breakfasts for tea.

In fact, it’s been much easier than anticipated. With the extra time, I’ve been able to really think about what I want to eat and plan accordingly.

I still want burgers but, fortunately, my little sister sent me a recipe from Anna Jones a while ago. It’s called the Really Hungry Burger and you can find it here.  I have been trying to find the time and a reason to make these burgers (other than the behest of my sister) and this just feels right.

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National Vegetarian Week: Day 5 and My Food Saudade

Today was a bit of a non-starter. I just didn’t feel the urge to create something new and wonderful.

Instead, I was struck with a sense of saudade.

There is no word like it in the English language. It’s a Portuguese word which means:

“The feeling of longing for something or someone that you love and which is lost.”

Do you ever get a memory of a food that you’ve eaten before? It could have been as a child or even just earlier that day. And all you can think is “Damn, I wish I had that right now!”.

That is what I have been feeling.

Damn, I miss that sandwich.

I’ve been trying to think of a word which will perfectly encapsulate what it is that I’m trying to get across but words seem to fail me. I tried foodstalgia (I’m not a fan of portmanteau), gastronomic heartache (which sounds like something Jane Eyre’s chef would say). I just can’t come up with the word.

Is there already a word? I’m dying to know!

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National Vegetarian Week: Day 3

This is much harder than I anticipated…

I wouldn’t say that I’m craving meat right now, I just think that I ate it so often that it became my go-to thing. There were times when I would literally grill and eat 3 chicken breasts because I couldn’t be bothered to actually cook anything.

My 3 days so far as a vegetarian are forcing me to think more about my food. There are no meaty snacks to just tide me over.

Although, I did almost give in when I got home from work.

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National Vegetarian Week: Day Two

Two days down and I honestly think that this is the longest I have ever gone without eating meat. I’m not noticing any discernable changes to my general sense of well being but I have noticed that I am thinking about food much more often.

I assume that this is more due to the fact that cooking with meat is easier and something I’m used to as opposed to a side effect of overdosing on vegetables. I have to plan what I am going to make for lunch tomorrow, whereas I would usually just have a vague idea of what I have in and hope for the best.

I am at least 80% sure that I will stick this out for the week; I’m also 100% that this hasn’t resulted in a complete change in lifestyle for me. I think that I will take days off meat because I am coming to realise that I probably ate far too much of the stuff. But that is going to more a case of “Meat Free Mondays” as opposed to “Meat Free May”.

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How to Make Croissant Pizza Bites

First of all, I can’t come up with a snappy name for these things.

I’ve tried the obvious portmanteaus of pizzants (obviously, no) and croizzas (also, no).

I just can’t think of a snappy way to name these incredibly delicious little treats. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me. I may even think of a prize for the best one…

Whatever we decide to name them, these little savoury pastry delights are just wonderful and so easy to make; especially if you opt for the shortcut I did.

If you have kids, this would be a great thing to make together. What kid doesn’t like pizza? Or fresh croissants? Weird kids, that’s who. Don’t give me that look, if I had a kid and they didn’t like pizza I would refer to them as a weird kid, even if they were in the room.

The only difficulty I found with these snacks is that, as it turns out, I have no idea how to properly roll a croissant. I was aiming for the traditional croissant shape but, as you can see, I ended up with… something slightly different.

Step 1, I will take you through how to make your sauce (you can just use ketchup if you’re a heathen, but I would prefer that you didn’t).

Then there are just a couple of steps until you’re chowing down on some incredible edibles.

The Sauce

This is super easy, especially if you have a blender (you should know by now, I love my blender). Just quickly chop it all, throw it in and hey presto!


2 Fresh Tomatoes

1 Shallot

1 Garlic Clove

Handful of Fresh Basil

Lemon Juice

Brown Sugar (you can leave this out if you want)





A Drop of Olive Oil

Not going to even write a method. Chop it and blend it. Now you have a sauce.

Here come’s the shortcut!

The croissant dough I used was store bought…

That was far too much build up for that anti-climax.

Anyway, I bought it from Lidl. Actually, come to think of it, everything here is from Lidl.; it’s probably my favourite supermarket. I have an extremely limited budget and Lidl has everything I need for a price I can actually afford.

Apart from that Jamon Iberico leg that keeps catching my eye. Good Lord, I just want to buy that and sit and eat it like a  Viking.

To Make the Croissant Pizza Things


Lidl Croissant Dough Thing

Your Sauce

Your Choice of Cheese (I was ballin’ with mozzarella)

Any Toppings You May Want (don’t go crazy, you need to be able to close the thing)

Olive Oil


  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4
  2. Follow the instructions on the packaging to roll out the croissants
  3. Spread a thin amount of your sauce onto the top, leaving half a centimetre around the entire edge
  4. Put on your cheese
  5. A light smatter of toppings (if required)
  6. Now, the folding. You can either try to fold it like an actual croissant or you can do what I did. Just sort of fold the whole thing over. Make sure the edges are tightly pinched together or you’ll get, what we call in the business, a blowout. That’s not as gross as it sounds. It just means that the cheese will explode out of the edges
  7. Put them on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and lightly brush them with the olive oil
  8. Cook them for about 10-15 minutes. When they look pretty golden on the outside, you’re on the right note
  9. Enjoy!

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