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This is a food blog… of course there’s going to be a food page. It will be filled with easy, healthy recipes and some not so healthy ones too, because I’m not that sort of person. I like the occasional cake. There will also be reviews of restaurants and eateries I go to, because sometimes I can’t be bothered to cook

Indigo Yard, Edinburgh: A Review

With Anna on holiday recently, I spent the first few days twiddling my thumbs. Not as in being lost and not knowing what I was doing with myself. With no female presence in the house, I was free to unleash… Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Courgette Fries

I decided to make these little beauties after Anna and I had been out for food before and, because they were fried in the same oil as other things, they were unable to guarantee that they would be gluten free…. Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

When you’re talking about healthy food, the word “fried” immediately turns people’s noses up. Well, it shouldn’t. Frying food can be healthy! Yeah, that’s right. I said it! Fried food won’t kill you. It’s all in the execution. The reason… Continue Reading →

Quick Healthy Homemade Coleslaw

I was never really that into coleslaw before I met The Noodle. Even before she realised she may be slightly intolerant to gluten, she was one of those godawful weirdos who has coleslaw INSTEAD of a burger bun. Yeah, you… Continue Reading →

Vegan and Gluten Free Pineapple Rum Curry With Coconut Rice

As I said in the previous blog post, for National Rum Day my guests demanded that I made a meal which was: Somehow pirate related Vegetarian Gluten Free I knew that I was going to aim for somewhere in the… Continue Reading →

National Rum Day 2016: Cocktails and More

Ahoy, Land Lubbers! Are you prepared for National Rum Day this year? I am! Although, I do have to profess that I was given somewhat of a headstart by the lovely people over at Captain Morgan’s when they sent me… Continue Reading →

My Lasagne Recipe

I have been umming and ahhing about whether or not to do this post. Lasagna is one of those dishes that everyone has a recipe for. It’s a weirdly personal meal. You can go to 3 different houses and experience… Continue Reading →

Healthy Honey Roast Peaches

This is going to be a quick one because this is a wonderful Summer dessert and that sun is looking dangerously close to disappearing… I decided to have this for breakfast because I’m a reckless rule breaker, I think You… Continue Reading →

Fully Loaded Macaroni Cheese (Mac ‘n’ Cheese)

If you’re wondering why I’ve called it both macaroni cheese and mac ‘n’ cheese in the same title, the answer lies with my mother. It’s not a long story. Essentially, my mother dislikes it when we English people use American… Continue Reading →

How To Make Béchamel Sauce

As you well know, unless this is the first time you’ve arrived at my site (in which case, hello!), I am not a profoundly talented chef. I’m not going to go into a whole line of false modesty and say… Continue Reading →

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