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Everyone likes a drink, be it alcoholic or not. And I really like both. Any time of day you’ll catch me drinking something, it’s almost as though I need it to survive! So I’ll post cocktail recipes, beer reviews, reviews of local bars and my limited knowledge of different types of drinks

Wild Beer Co. Review: Wild Goose Chase

So, the journey begins… I had intended to leave them all until the weekend. However, events as marvellous as this happen few and far between for me, so I decided that I would allow myself to enjoy one drink. After… Continue Reading →

The Wild Beer Co. Review: The Arrival

After 3 failed delivery attempts (because I refuse to get up before 10am on my days off), my package from Wild Beer Co. arrived. I had been sent a selection of their sour beers as I made an arse of… Continue Reading →

One Man Tea Party: Coconut Green Tea

I have found a fellow tea connoisseur with Zoe, who occasionally comes into our work to do… something? I’m not sure entirely, but she seems super busy all the time. You can check out some of her stuff at Blue… Continue Reading →

One Man Tea Party: An Introduction

This is, hopefully, going to be my most regular feature here on my blog. A review of tea. When I just typed those words, I nearly closed my laptop through boredom. “A review of tea”. “A review of tea”? God,… Continue Reading →

Old Fashioned Recipe

Let me introduce you to my favourite drink. The Old Fashioned. A surprisingly simple drink which just makes you want to put on a suit and listen to jazz music. This potent potable has recently seen a resurgence in popularity,… Continue Reading →

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