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Everyone likes a drink, be it alcoholic or not. And I really like both. Any time of day you’ll catch me drinking something, it’s almost as though I need it to survive! So I’ll post cocktail recipes, beer reviews, reviews of local bars and my limited knowledge of different types of drinks

National Rum Day 2016: Cocktails and More

Ahoy, Land Lubbers! Are you prepared for National Rum Day this year? I am! Although, I do have to profess that I was given somewhat of a headstart by the lovely people over at Captain Morgan’s when they sent me… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Cucumber Mint Gimlet

Similar to the Martini, this is one of those classic gin cocktails which boils down to drinking lightly flavoured spirits. It’s usually made with just sweetened lime juice and a boat load of Gin. I thought I’d think outside the… Continue Reading →

Rosemary & Elderflower Gordon’s Gin and Tonic

I’m not being deliberately obtuse in my choice of drinks. I didn’t want this to be a pedestrian, prosaic blog post about gin. Essentially, I didn’t want to talk to you like you’re idiots. You know how to make a… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Gin Bramble

This has long been one of my favourite Summer cocktails. Occasionally, with a fruity cocktail you end up with a ¬†glass of saccharine goop. The joy of the Bramble is that it balances the sweetness of using Creme de Cassis… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Gin Negroni

This is one of those cocktails that just makes you effortlessly cool. I like a good Martini but I always have the worry of the glass being too fragile while I’m drinking it. I’m concerned that one decent sneeze and… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Gin Pickled Onion Martini

Don’t walk away, seriously! This works. If you like your drinks a little stronger, then this one is for you. No one in my family likes what basically amounts to drinking straight spirits, apart from me. So I got to… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Gin Cocktail Party

I recently received a wonderful email. A far cry from my usual spam and newsletters I’ve signed up for. Gordon’s asked me if I would be willing to write a blog post about their gin. Willing? Like I was going… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Gin and Tonic Float

Do you remember, as a child, that time when you put ice cream in lemonade? It was a revelation, right?! You were just messing about, being a child, and you created something utterly delicious. That’s what I wanted to capture… Continue Reading →

Wild Beer Co. Review: Evolver IPA

This journey continues… I love a good IPA. You know where you stand with a decent, proper Indian Pale Ale and based on my current set of encounters with Wild Beer Co., I was aware I was in for something… Continue Reading →

Wild Beer Co. Review: Modus Operandi 2016

If you come into this situation expecting to taste a run of the mill beer, as I did, you will end up looking like and idiot… as I did. Imagine if wine and beer had a baby. Not like making… Continue Reading →

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