I’ll be honest, I bought this for the name first, the brewery second and the style of beer last.

It’s called “Bombay Dazzler”… who wouldn’t?

You will come to see, throughout this series of mini blogs (it’s a beer, I drank it, ’nuff said), that there are certain breweries I will feel compelled to buy a can/bottle/pint of when I see them on my travels.

Northern Monk is one of them. They’re based in Holbeck, just outside of Leeds, which is about 50 miles from my hometown. And I had to travel 250 miles to find them…

They have a tonne of different beers and they always seem to be experimenting with new flavours and styles.

But this isn’t a blog about the brewery itself. (Note to Northern Monk, if you ever invite me to your brewery, I will blog the crap out of it. I will blog you so hard).

This is about this particular beer.

The Bombay Dazzler

(it’s just fun to say!)

So, the salient facts. It’s a Belgian style Witbier and stands at 4.8%. Not the strongest Witbier I’ve ever had but sometimes you need soft, some times you need hard, sometimes you need to think before you type…

Despite the blurb and all of the info about the spices in the beer, you shouldn’t be put off. It’s not like being violently thrashed by an alcoholic, Belgian spice salesman (I’m sure I’ve used a similar analogy before… fun game! Find it and tell me where!).

It’s actually very subtle. The first time I tried it, it was a bit more overt because I was trying to taste the flavour. The second time, I just enjoyed it as a Witbier with a slice of orange dropped in it and it allowed the classic spice flavour of the beer creep forward while the cardamom, ginger and coriander came along for the ride afterwards.

I was going to say “This would go really well with Indian food” but there isn’t a beer that wouldn’t. It was also made especially for that reason, which would be like saying “It would fit well in a glass”. It’s redundant and unnecessary.

So, specifically, it would go amazingly with some roti and my granny’s ginger pickle; which is, essentially, pickled chunks of ginger and chilli and I think it’s a test of adulthood in our family. I’ll get the recipe at some point. Oooh, and pakoras!

People have described the overall flavour of the beer as “weak”. They are wrong. It’s just not an in your face beer. It’s a conversation beer. You can enjoy this with friends as you sit around a table with loads of Indian finger food and chat, or chaat

I’m not going to top that pun, so…

I’m out!

Go buy some

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