Good Morning everyone and welcome to the best news you will get for a while. I recently started working at Wahaca¬†(by the way, there’s a Wahaca opening in Edinburgh).

That’s not the good news. Well, it is for me. I’ve got a job and I get to eat award winning Mexican street food until I pass out.

The good news, as you may have already guessed, is that they are giving away free tacos.

If you’re already grabbing your coat and getting ready to rush out the door, we’re at St Andrews Square in Edinburgh, it’s a massive blue taco truck and you can’t miss us.

For those who need a little bit more convincing…. seriously? It’s free tacos. What’s wrong with you?

I’ll start by saying that I am writing this blog of my own volition. I have taken time out of my day to convince you that you shouldn’t waste your Saturday, like a chump, flicking through social media and hearing about what a great time your friends have meeting me and eating delicious food.

Now, for the crux of the matter. Free tacos. It is exactly how it sounds. Tacos that are free. The only thing it will cost you is a little bit of your time because, as you can imagine, free food is ridiculously popular and the queues do have a tendency to get a little bit out of hand.



There are two types of taco available, one with meat and one without. So you’re covered from that angle. In terms of gluten free, I haven’t yet asked but I would suggest that you come along and do the asking. The chef knows I’m not gluten intolerant and refuses to take me seriously everytime I enquire about it.

I know that the meat free one is filled with cactus. Cactus? I hear you say, as you crinkle your nose and shudder. Yes, Captain Judgmental, cactus. It’s flipping delicious and unless you’ve tried and hated it before, I suggest that you get yourself down to St Andrews Square and enjoy some.

I honestly didn’t think that I would have to put this much effort into convincing people to come and take free food… have some pictures because I need to get up and go to work…

This is what you’re looking out for….


We have a band so you will definitely hear us…

I will be giving out free guacamole while you’re in the queue so there is little to no chance of you starving to death…


And this is where everyone else will be working


I look forward to meeting you all there and feel free to give me a fist bump or high five. If you require a cuddle, please at least warn me before you go in for it

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