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Date: 5th September 2016

The Secret to a Good Omelette

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, why not? Who the hell do you think you are? You think you’re too good for me? That’s just rude!)

If you do follow me, you know I love me a good omelette/frittata (I don’t really know the difference between these two.

I have at least 3-4 per week, each with different toppings and what not. They’re just awesome. You can either plan ahead and make a really special one or you can just clear out your fridge and throw it in. Either way, it’s bloody good.

One of the things that everyone asks me (it’s about 3 people, but that warrants a blog) is how to make them properly.

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Indigo Yard, Edinburgh: A Review

With Anna on holiday recently, I spent the first few days twiddling my thumbs. Not as in being lost and not knowing what I was doing with myself. With no female presence in the house, I was free to unleash the gamer in me and battle the various forces of evil which transpired against me.

At the start of the week, Anna’s mother asked if I would like to join her and Judy, Anna’s sister, for lunch. She also included the magic words “my treat”. I would have gone anyway, that just sold the idea.

On Wednesday morning, they text me the destination and I was pleasantly surprised. We were heading to Indigo Yard in Edinburgh. I have been here before and I was incredibly pleased with my meal the last time.

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