Ahoy, Land Lubbers!

Are you prepared for National Rum Day this year?

I am! Although, I do have to profess that I was given somewhat of a headstart by the lovely people over at Captain Morgan’s when they sent me a delicious bottle of their Original Spiced Rum and asked me to… drink it. They were pretty laid back about the whole affair, to be honest.

They just wanted me to have a good time and let all of you scurvy dogs know how to make the most out of this holiday with a bottle of fine grog.

I will admit, I did plan to be much more pirate themed for this review but, since I’ve moved to Edinburgh and now live with my ladyfriend, I am not able to be as… idiotic as I once was. Also, no one else was going to dress as a pirate and I didn’t want to be “that guy”.

So I opted for a more classy route on this particular endeavour. I organised a cocktail and dinner party with rum as the main event.

My greatest hurdle, when designing the menu, was the fact that everyone I invited had dietary requirements. And I’m not going to make about 8 different meals just to satisfy everyone. Instead, I opted to make 1 giant meal which was:

  • Gluten Free, for Anna
  • Vegetarian, for Jody and Luke (other Luke, there are now 2 of us)
  • Substantial enough, for me

I thought about what rum represents and then I played Assassin’s Creed 4, you know, to really get into the mind of a pirate, swashbuckling along the high seas.

What I ended up with was a Bahamian Inspired dish of Pineapple Rum Curry with Coconut Rice. And it was pretty damn good! Luke had 4 bowls of the stuff.

Anna also made Dark Chocolate Brownies to go with my Coconut, Rum (told you it was the main event) and Kiwi Cream.

The whole thing actually turned out to be vegan because… that’s how it turned out…

Don’t worry, I didn’t use all the rum in the food. I also made a few delicious cocktails go right along with the delicious food.

Keep your eyes to the horizon, my intrepid buccaneers, because the sea is a harsh mistress and you’re going to need your sea legs for National Rum Day with Captain. Foodie… that’s a terrible name…. Admiral. Ad Venture… slightly better… Someone give me a cool pirate name! I’m stuck

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