As you may know, I recently had a leaving party at my mothers. There was Gin. Remember?

So, this is the reason for my leaving party. I have left Scunthorpe (the place I used to live), crossed the border and arrived, bags in tow, in Edinburgh. My home for the foreseeable future.

Before I… well, before I pad this out into an actual blog post, I would just like to thank a few people who made this possible.

Anna (The Noodle) and her mother for driving all the way down (4 hours each way) to pick me up and being patient as I tried to fit my entire life into the back of an estate car. You were on the road for hours and I really appreciate it.

Also, Anna for letting me live with her. I say “letting”, she begged. I was all like “I don’t know… It’s only been 2 1/2 years of long distance, isn’t that a bit soon?” and she was all like “No, I can’t function without you! I’m a mess, everything is so bleak and grey without you.” And I was like, “Pffft, fine… I suppose”. No one ask her if this is true. Just take my word for it.

My family for being so supportive of my move. And my new family, the Lockharts, for being so welcoming.

ON Marketing, forĀ letting me finish my apprenticeship away from the office.

Simon King, for helping to facilitate that.

And everyone else who played any part in this.

So… how was the move?

Illuminating. Anna called me a “hoarder” at least 12 times while I was decided what I wanted to bring. Which I feel is a little unfair. She’s just spartan in what she holds on to. When I first started to come and visit her, her room looked like she was about to murder me. It was very, very white and unnervingly clean. She has since given it personality and allowed a certain amount of untidiness. Which is very fortunate for me.

I, apparently, have too many clothes. I’ve filled a chest of drawers and half of her (sorry, our) wardrobe. And that’s just what I decided to keep hold of. I think Anna wants me to do a drastic purge at some point but I can’t help but feel she will be disappointed.

I would say that I probably only brought about 50% of my belongings. We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

What’s the next step?

As the great philosopher, Rihanna, once said: “Work, work, work, work, work”. This isn’t limited to just finding a job, although there is a potentially wonderful development on that front. I will tell more when I’m able. I’m going to have to kick this blog thing into high gear. I can’t use the “I live in a cultural black hole” anymore.

There’s so much to do and see in Edinburgh, it’s going to be hard to take a break from blogging. From some of the most wonderful and eclectic range of bars I could ever wish for, to incredible restaurants, gastropubs, street food stalls and more. There is also a thriving blogging community here I will have to introduce myself to. If any of you are reading this… hi…

Quick word of warning. My blog may take a turn towards the “gluten free” end of the foody spectrum. I have not suddenly developed an intolerance, nor am I one of those awful people who exploits a genuine physiological malady for their own gain. Anna has recently found that she has a fairly severe gluten intolerance so I have to cook accordingly. Don’t worry though, as soon as her back is turned I’m going gluten crazy. I’m going to do lines of breadcrumbs, I’m blending up wheat into my smoothies, Hell, I’ll even make a toast sandwich when the time arises.

So, there’s not really a lot else to say about this. Just wanted to brag, really. Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world and I am sure that I, therefore all of you (albeit vicariously), will have an absolutely wonderful time.

In case anyone was wondering if I’ve had Irn Bru yet, first of all, you clearly don’t follow me on Twitter. Secondly, Anna literally handed me this as soon as we crossed the border. Like it was Scottish Law that the first thing people emmigrating to Scotland have to imbibe.


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