I recently received a wonderful email. A far cry from my usual spam and newsletters I’ve signed up for.

Gordon’s asked me if I would be willing to write a blog post about their gin. Willing? Like I was going to say no? They even sent me a bottle to get me started on my gin based adventure. I knew this blogging malarky would eventually pay off!

If you don’t know about Gordon’s, where the heck have you been all this time? It’s the green bottle you’ve seen in every bar. It’s The Gin. I’d estimate that 90% of the time you’ve asked for a G&T in a bar, you’ve had Gordon’s. It is the go to gin for loads of places because… well, quite frankly, it’s delicious.

Gordon’s gin has been around for ages. Since… taking a look at their website… Wow, since 1769. Wait… Gordon’s is older than America. Who knew? Anyway, it’s old and you don’t get to stick around this long without being awesome. Gordon’s is a classic, it is the quintessential gin. If I asked you to imagine the taste of gin right now, dollars to donuts (I have no idea what that means) you would be imagining the taste profile of Gordon’s.


I am not a gin sommelier (ginmellier? ginelier?), I am, however, a person who likes a good drink and a damn fine cocktail. One of the reasons that I love Gordon’s so much is because it is a very adaptable gin. With the right balance of ingredients, you can enjoy a wide spectrum of gin cocktails. There’s something for everyone! You can have something a little fruity, something sour, something savoury, creamy… with a little bit of preparation, the sky is your limit.


So, you can see why I was so eager to jump aboard this particular gin train. That and the fact that Gordon Ramsey is/was the face of Gordon’s gin (fittingly). The man is one of my heroes and through the rule of “affiliation by proxy” (which I may or may not have just made up), I am now a colleague of Gordon Ramsey. Full circle, the stars have aligned and my dreams are coming true.

The offer to review their gin could not have come at a better time for me. I am soon to be departing this land and travelling North to live out my days in Bonnie Ole’ Scotland with the Noodle. That’s right, I’m becoming a grown-up.

Because Edinburgh a 4-hour drive away, I felt it prudent to organise some sort of farewell gathering. A chance for everyone to tell me how much they are going to miss me and join me in a range of cocktails and cake.  We ate, drank and were very merry.


My mother made Gin and Tonic cupcakes, I made little nibbles. The weather, despite threatening to pour it down throughout the morning, remained blissful throughout the afternoon.



Now, for the fun stuff. 

As I said, there are so many cocktails to be made with one bottle of Gordon’s gin, a little bit of prep work and a whole lot of laissez-faire attitude. After tinkering and tailoring to suit everyone’s palate, I went with these 6 cocktails. And here’s how you can make them yourself:

1. The Pickled Onion Martini


2. The Bramble



3. Cucumber Mint Gimlet.


4. Rosemary & Elderflower Gin and Tonic.



5. Negroni


6. Gin and Tonic Earl Grey Float.

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