This journey continues…

I love a good IPA. You know where you stand with a decent, proper Indian Pale Ale and based on my current set of encounters with Wild Beer Co., I was aware I was in for something rather special.

Reading the back of the bottle, I found myself in a quandary. This beer promises to evolve (for want of a better word) over the course of its life. So, I was left in a curious pickle. Do I drink it now or should I leave it for 3-6months until it achieves its final form, like a really tasty Pokemon.

Not being the most patient of people, as well as having this series of blogs to write, I opted to enjoy it here and now. Although, I do intend to buy a few bottles at differing intervals to really test how it changes over the course of that time. You will hear the results when the time comes.

As IPA is traditionally another sort of “everyday” beer, I decided not to employ any pomp or ceremony this time. Instead, I just put on one of my playlists and grabbed a book to enjoy while I drink. Ok, it was a Batman comic book but it was Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth so I still retained a sense of class.

Aesthetically, once poured this beer has been my favourite so far. A light golden colour with a sturdy head, it’s like sunshine in a glass, as all IPAs should be. If you taste something a little different, when you come to drink it, I imagine that it will be from the type of yeast they use. Apparently, it is a Brettanomyces yeast. Which, I am reliably told, is a wild yeast. That is all I know about that.

At 5.8%, it is a little bit stronger than your usual IPA but it isn’t really noticeable. Sometimes a beer relies on its strength to be its unique selling point (USP, if you’ve ever watched Dragon’s Den). This isn’t the case with Evolver, it just happens to be that way. Its USP really is in the taste. There is an overture of the IPA flavour you are probably thinking of right now but with something slightly different to follow.

It’s not unlike meeting a good friend after a few years. At first, you recognise them, you laugh as you reminisce about old times and inside jokes. Then, as the conversation continues, you notice new things about them. They tell you about new friends and experiences that you weren’t a part of. But it doesn’t build a divide between you, you’re both simply different people now. Still the same friends as before, just slightly different.

Rating: 8.7/10

I feel that I really have to emphasise that these ratings aren’t an overall mark. They are a rating system between these 6 beers.

With that in mind, this fresh IPA earns its respectable score as it is a very respectable IPA. But, compared to the variety of flavours in the other drinks I’ve had this far, it doesn’t stand out far enough to reach the 9s.

I am all but certain that, had I have left it for a few months, it would have evolved into something that sets it apart from its brethren.

Essentially, it’s a Charmander right now. A perfectly great beer, useful against grass types… wait, went in a wrong direction with this analogy.

So, it’s a Charmander right now. Given enough time and patience, I am entirely sure you would end up with a Charizard on your hands. I am definitely going to have to find out. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if it turned out to be a Blastoise, that one was pretty cool.

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