That’s right people, possibly the world’s laziest cook is about to get all fancy up in here. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple and very quick.

Do you sometimes find that if you have a big breakfast, you are soooo hungry on the approach to lunch time? Somehow you’re more hungry than if you had just skipped breakfast. I’m sure there’s a reason for this and if anyone knows then drop a comment below.

All I know is that it is incredibly annoying. It’s like no other hunger. The only thing that comes close is when you’re starting to feel a little bit peckish so you order some food or put something in the oven. Your brain decides to amp up the hunger hormone to the point that you’re sat staring out of the window, counting down the seconds until the food is there. Why have you turned against us, brain? We were being so good to you! 

The worst is when you get that hungry you feel like a quick snack will tide you over but that snack fills you up and you can’t enjoy your other food. It’s such a convoluted series of events, I have to question whether or not I’ve angered Zeus and this is my painfully ironic punishment.

Well, after one of my massive omelettes (check my Instagram for proof), Anna and I found that we were really hungry at an inconvenient time. It was too early to start thinking about tea but too late for us to eat a substantial meal and eat tea a bit later. Anna suggested we make a salad. After a short period of deliberation (also known as, me shouting things out and Anna telling me to stop embarrassing her in the street), Anna decided on a pear and walnut salad that we had made a while ago.

So, with a decision clearly made we set our compasses for Lidl (who have yet to hire me to write blogs for them…. just saying) with a rough idea of what we wanted and the vigour to get the job done.

It was an extremely efficient trip. We normally prat about in the supermarket for a while, pointing at random things like we’ve just been released from captivity and buying far more than we need. This time, it was in the shop, shopping in the basket, paid for, out. It was done with almost military precision.

We got back, Anna went for a nap and I got to cooking… salading? I guess there was a little bit of grilling but what is the verb? Preparing? Prepping?

All in all, it took me about 10 minutes to make and it was incredible. A great summer lunch. Everything went together perfectly and there was a range of flavours which kept every mouthful interesting. It was a success, I guess is what I’m getting at.

It does involve a Spiralizer but don’t worry if you don’t have one. Just take a peeler to the pear and get loads of long strips. I’d suggest a Julienne but if you don’t have a Spiralizer you’re probably not going to own a Julienne. Unless I’m wrong, in which case, sorry for my presumption.

Let’s get fancy and make this salad then.

There’s enough here for 2 people as a main meal or like 4 people as a side…


1 Large Pear

2 Handfuls Walnuts (crushed into chunks, not like a powder)

Few Handfuls of Salad Greens

Prosciutto (as much as you want)

Lemon Juice

Red Grapes (cut in half)

Half a Block of Gorgonzola Cheese (cut into cubes)

Olive Oil

Sea Salt and Black Pepper


Balsamic Vinegar

Mustard (we had English but wholegrain would have been better)

Teaspoon Brown Sugar


  1. In a bowl, mix together the walnuts, grapes, brown sugar, a glug of olive oil and a splash of lemon juice
  2. Put under the grill and cook for about 7 minutes. Keep an eye on them because burnt walnuts are godawful. When done, take them out and leave them to cool
  3. Spiralize/peel/Julienne the pear. The size is up to you, we went with ribbons this time but I think I’ll go for noodle shaped next time
  4. Put the pear bits in a bowl and toss with lemon juice (to stop it from browning) and a bit of salt and pepper
  5. Throw in the salad greens and give it a big mix
  6. In another bowl (or the same one you mixed the walnuts in) mix a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, another splash of lemon juice, salt and pepper and mustard with rosemary. Pour this over the pear salad and make sure it’s well mixed
  7. Scatter in the gouda and mix
  8. The nut/grape thing should be pretty cool now. If it’s not cold, don’t worry because you’re throwing it into a bowl of cold salad. It will cool down pretty quickly
  9. One final stir
  10. Serve with a few slices of prosciutto and try to get a different blend of ingredients on each forkful, it’s amazing
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