What up y’all! I hope you’re ready for another rousing round of musical misadventures! (I really need to learn how to start this blog series in a less ridiculous fashion).

Whilst this may be entitled “Cooking with Tunes”, the theme of this post is Showering with Tunes. This is because I recently purchased my holy grail. A waterproof, Bluetooth speaker.

I know, right!? I’m as excited as you are!

Tunes delivered directly into my face while I struggle with the urge to sing along without getting soap in my mouth. And it only cost me £9.99!  I was perfectly willing to drop at least £30 on something this magical.

Anywhooo, I’m not here to advertise. I’m here to entertain!

So check out these block rockin’ beats while you’re cooking, showering or just wandering about:

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