Bloody Hell! Sorry this one is so late! I got caught up in my meat-free challenge and just figured that one blog per day would be enough.

This month has been a strange one for my music. It’s been all over the place. There isn’t a theme running prevalent throughout this post. It’s somewhat of an audio hodgepodge. Which is a bloody good word, isn’t it?

Hodgepodge. People should use this word in everyday sentences with immediate effect. Hodgepodge.

Anywhoo, there’s neither rhyme nor reason for this eclectic mixture of music. I just kept jumping from one thing to another, whatever tickled my fancy at the time.

There are ups, there are downs, there’s a kind of middle ground and all the heights and depths between.

Right, you’re not here for my words. You’re here for the music. So pop on some headphones and let’s get our groove on…

  1. Tom Misch & Carmody – The Last Song: I have loved this song for ages! I just didn’t think it was the right time to throw it in your direction. It’s just the perfect sunset tune. Sitting there with a couple of beers and a few friends, the embers of the nearby bonfire keeping you from the inevitable adorning of an extra layer. A deceptively upbeat plucked guitar melody with a light drumbeat in the background. Just try not to listen to the lyrics because there is a distinct possibility you will cry.
  2. The Gaslight Anthem – Great Expectations (The acoustic cover on the Handwritten album): Gaslight Anthem is one of those bands who sound as though they found a time portal in the 50’s, stopped off in the Springsteen era 80’s and arrived in our time to tell you the life they have lived (obviously, skipping over the whole time travel expedition). They bring the best bits from blues, rock and blue collar poetry to craft music which is wholly their life story, yet resonates with anyone who listens to it.
  3. Gabe Dixon – Disappear: I first heard this song through my very good, and quite missed, friend Richard John Vickers. We had some very strange “getting ready to go out drinking” music. This is a wonderful love song about battling it out with someone you love. It slowly builds throughout the song, beginning with a simple piano melody and continuing from there. And Gabe has an angelic voice too.
  4. Justin Timberlake – Sexyback: What can I say about this song? It’s a classic. I listened to it because I wanted to tweet about my Hasselback recipe and this seemed like the perfect pun to do so. I then continued to listen to the whole album because it’s really quite good.
  5. Bubba Sparxxx – Comin’ Round: The album this song is from (Deliverance) is one of the first albums I actually bought myself. In my many moves I have, unfortunately, lost the actually CD (seriously, that’s how long ago it was) but I always remember this song as being one of my favourites. I always liked the Southern Charm of Bubba which had just enough of the bravado so often associated with rap music to make it fun. This is one of his slower songs which contrasts brilliantly with some of his more frenetic tunes such as Ugly or Ms. New Booty (isn’t that a great name for a song?).
  6. Noah Gundersen – Family: Noah Gundersen is another one of those artists of whom I could pick any song from any album and say “this, this is the one that I’m listening to”. So I thought I would take it back to the first song of his I heard and what made me fall in love with his music. Anyone who has watched Sons of Anarchy will recognise this song (as well as a couple of his other ones). It’s in Series 4, “With an X”. I’ll not say any more than it was used very effectively.
  7. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords: Told you this playlist went all over the place. I remember this song being played on repeat by my older brother for a while when it first came out. And for good reason, it’s just such a great chill out song. Part of the melody seems to be made up of someone making a weird noise at various pitches and it just seems to work. If you’ve got some work to concentrate on or you’re doing like 7 minutes of cardio, I would definitely suggest you throw this on.
  8. Skrillex – Stranger: Yes, Skrillex. Don’t act like you don’t like any of his music. While I wouldn’t suggest settling down with a glass of wine and a nice book while listening to his music, if you have something to concentrate on and don’t want to be disturbed, there’s few better. This song is much lighter than some of his others, is almost has a House feel to it. But it still retains the feeling that you are most certainly listening to Skrillex.
  9. Kele – Everything You Wanted: Even though Kele’s solo venture does sound very similar to Bloc Party, I think that is is mainly due to his distinctive voice, as opposed to self plagiarism. The Boxer is a great album, if you haven’t already checked it out, but this was a stand out track for me. It sounds like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation between two ex-lovers. You feel slightly uncomfortable, as though you shouldn’t be listening to this, but you carry on because it just captures you from the first note. Like when couples argue in public, set to music.
  10. Drake – One Dance: Just going to place this one down here. I don’t live under a rock, of course I’ve been listening to this song. But I know it, you know it, there’s nothing I can say about it.
  11. Laura Mvula – Green Garden: OK, so “Summer” could be seen as a theme here but let me finish. Laura Mvula’s music is just incredible. All of it. I chose this song simply because it’s the one I’ve listened to the most. It has a gospel soul feel to it as the hand clapping forces you to tap your feet in time. It’s the sort of song that, were you to arrive at a party and this was playing, you would know damn well that you’re in for a good time.
  12. Valerie June – Somebody to Love: Have you ever seen the film “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?”? This song would not be out of place on that. The melody is an ethereal tincture of bluegrass instruments, gospel harmonies and a profoundly moving country voice, with a splash of soul music like a chaser. It’s intoxicating, inviting and emotional. It’s also a great way to round out this playlist.

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