Bloody Hell! Sorry this one is so late! I got caught up in my meat-free challenge and just figured that one blog per day would be enough.

This month has been a strange one for my music. It’s been all over the place. There isn’t a theme running prevalent throughout this post. It’s somewhat of an audio hodgepodge. Which is a bloody good word, isn’t it?

Hodgepodge. People should use this word in everyday sentences with immediate effect. Hodgepodge.

Anywhoo, there’s neither rhyme nor reason for this eclectic mixture of music. I just kept jumping from one thing to another, whatever tickled my fancy at the time.

There are ups, there are downs, there’s a kind of middle ground and all the heights and depths between.

Right, you’re not here for my words. You’re here for the music. So pop on some headphones and let’s get our groove on…

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