This is much harder than I anticipated…

I wouldn’t say that I’m craving meat right now, I just think that I ate it so often that it became my go-to thing. There were times when I would literally grill and eat 3 chicken breasts because I couldn’t be bothered to actually cook anything.

My 3 days so far as a vegetarian are forcing me to think more about my food. There are no meaty snacks to just tide me over.

Although, I did almost give in when I got home from work.

I forgot about the half kilo of beef I had slow roasted and then pushed to the back of fridge on Sunday evening. I was looking for something to go with red cabbage and there it was. Beckoning me with its meaty wares.

But I stayed strong, don’t worry. I threw it in a sandwich bag and buried it in the back of my freezer. While I was there, I realised it was probably in my best interests to do the same with any and all meat products in my fridge.

So to the icy depths they went. Chicken, fish, about 4 packs of minced steak. The whole lot.

There is now no room in my freezer and when this week is over I will have to wrestle with myself to avoid cooking the whole lot and just cramming it in my face.

For breakfast today, I wanted to show those naysayers and book cover judgers (I have no idea if that’s a legitimate term but I’m sure you get the gist) that vegetarian is not synonymous with healthy. There are plenty of ways to be meat-free and unhealthy. I’m pretty sure that Mars Bars are vegetarian and they are not healthy. Coca-Cola, another example.

Unfortunately, for the purpose of this (yet fortunately for my health) I don’t actually own any really unhealthy food. But I did the best that I could under the circumstances. I made pizza-dillas.

In case you can’t guess, the pizza-dilla is simply a quesadilla made with Italian style ingredients. In this case, a Caprese pizza (mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes).

I made a quick sauce with tomato concentrate, lemon juice, a drop of honey, salt, pepper and dried thyme.

Then I chopped and roasted the tomatoes, once they were done I left them to cool.

I spread the sauce on the bottom tortilla leaving about half a centimeter from the edge and then scattered cubed mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and basil leaves evenly across the top.

I put it on a baking tray, pressed another tortilla on top and baked it until it went crispy.

As you can see, it’s not as healthy as my usual diet of oats, but it’s hardly a deep-fried Creme Egg (is that vegetarian?).

See, all you “vegetarian food is boring” clowns? I had pizza for breakfast! What did you have? Equal measures of shame, hubris and defeat? Was it bitter? WAS IT?


That may have gotten slightly out of hand… I’m still right, though.

Lunch was a medley of vegetables and halloumi with quinoa. Yep, I’ve almost gone full Whole Foods. I’m voluntarily eating quinoa.

It was actually quite a nice change of pace.

I threw in some chilli, mint and pomegranate to make it into a fancy ass salad and I made so much I could barely finish it. I did finish it because I’m not a quitter. But I regretted it after. And really, isn’t that all we want from a salad? That guilt-free fullness.

You can barely move and there’s just enough room inside of you to take shallow breaths (and even those threaten to make your stomach explode). But in your heart, you know that you’re slightly healthier because you ate a whole vegetable.

Right, now I need to find my wallet. I’ve got bean burgers to make and these vegetables won’t buy themselves. Ta ta for now

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