Two days down and I honestly think that this is the longest I have ever gone without eating meat. I’m not noticing any discernable changes to my general sense of well being but I have noticed that I am thinking about food much more often.

I assume that this is more due to the fact that cooking with meat is easier and something I’m used to as opposed to a side effect of overdosing on vegetables. I have to plan what I am going to make for lunch tomorrow, whereas I would usually just have a vague idea of what I have in and hope for the best.

I am at least 80% sure that I will stick this out for the week; I’m also 100% that this hasn’t resulted in a complete change in lifestyle for me. I think that I will take days off meat because I am coming to realise that I probably ate far too much of the stuff. But that is going to more a case of “Meat Free Mondays” as opposed to “Meat Free May”.

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