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National Vegetarian Week: Day One

How do you people do this? This is the longest amount of time I’ve had to spend thinking about what I want to eat.

I sent a query into the Twitterverse about whether I’m allowed to eat eggs and, to be honest, you folks were ready with the responses. Thank you to everyone who told me that I’m still allowed to smash out some omelettes. Without that, there is no way I would have made it through this week.

So, I have fully caved. I bought Quorn mince and made a chilli. It tastes just as good but, as a certified carnivore, I feel wrong. While I can barely taste the difference, my heart knows there is something amiss. I think I’m going to avoid this in future. I will just go full veggie. For the week. I understand and respect that people choose to do this, I’m just not that person.

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  1. Quorn is great (handy low fat protein and all!) but I guess it’s not to everyone’s taste. The slices are very handy for sandwiches though, and tasty. There are loads of alternatives around from supermarkets though, in various forms, so have a look around. I’m quite happy with sweet potatoes, aubergines, cheese, piles of veg or beans, veg burgers and such for mains without having to rely on Quorn all the time, so it’s not the mandatory mainstay of veggie meals 😀

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