So, you have a potato. What next?

A quandary that many of us will have faced in our lifetimes. How do we jazz up the humble potato?

Honestly, the options are endless. Jacket? Wedges? Mash? There are a plethora of methods to make that starchy little lump into a delightful meal.

I’m here to talk to you about the road less travelled. The Hasselback potato. The mid-point between crisps, chips and a jacket potato.

Just a few simple swipes of the knife and you can create a masterpiece (editors note: I strongly advise against swiping with a knife. That is dangerous). The edges crisp up, the middle stays all fluffy and it is just a wonderful sight to behold.

The best thing about the Hasselback potato is that it looks far more complicated than it actually is. All you need is a fairly steady hand and a few extra bits. It can be a side dish or, in my case, the main event. It’s just ace.

I will tell you how to create the actual potato first, then I will tell you what I did with it. That made me sound like I tortured a potato…


1 Decent Sized Potato (of whatever genus you prefer, I used a sweet potato in mine)

Olive Oil

Sea Salt (it’s actually quite important to use the right salt on this one)


Garlic, Crushed and Finely Chopped

Black Pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4
  2. Put the rosemary in the oil. You can do this the night before so that it fully infuses… a word that I never thought would make it onto my blog
  3. Give that spud a scrub. This is for 2 reasons. 1, potatoes are grown in the ground. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind the taste of dirt… I’m not sure I want you around here that often. 2, this will give the potato skin a bit of a roughing up, which adds to the texture
  4. Rub the sea salt all over the potato. Get your hands on in there, don’t be shy
  5. Slice the potato down to about half an inch from the bottom. Don’t slice all the way through because then you’re making chips/wedges and you’re on the wrong page. And try not to twist the knife as you’re pulling it out (as I learned the hard way) as you’ll just snap the potato bit off
  6. Make these incisions every 2mm… ish along the potato
  7. Once you’ve run out of potato to slice, pour over the oil (making sure you get it into every slice) and carefully give it another rub
  8. Cram the slices with crushed garlic and black pepper, you can also chuck in some more rosemary if you love it as much as I do
  9. Put on a baking tray and put in the oven
  10. Check it after about half an hour (depending on the size of your potato)
  11. Then check it every 10 minutes or so until the edges look crispy and the insides are cooked
  12. If you want cheesy hasselbacks, you can sprinkle some on and stick it back in for another 10 minutes

There you have it, one fancy potato.

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