What up y’all! I hope you’re ready for another rousing round of musical misadventures! (I really need to learn how to start this blog series in a less ridiculous fashion).

Whilst this may be entitled “Cooking with Tunes”, the theme of this post is Showering with Tunes. This is because I recently purchased my holy grail. A waterproof, Bluetooth speaker.

I know, right!? I’m as excited as you are!

Tunes delivered directly into my face while I struggle with the urge to sing along without getting soap in my mouth. And it only cost me £9.99!  I was perfectly willing to drop at least £30 on something this magical.

Anywhooo, I’m not here to advertise. I’m here to entertain!

So check out these block rockin’ beats while you’re cooking, showering or just wandering about:

1. Bootstraps – Everywhere: What can I say about Bootstraps? Aside from the fact that I have been Waiting[get it?] for this album for so long and, out of nowhere, Spotify informs me that they have 2 albums on the go. The Homage album is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard in my entire life.

The instantly recognisable “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac is transformed into something that makes me want to ring up my ladyfriend and tell her everything I love about her. It isn’t a fun, jaunty tune anymore. This is a declaration of literally wanting to be with you everywhere. I feel the need to buy superglue and just affix myself to the Noodle.

2. Bootstraps – Earned it: I know, I know! Same band, same album! Just hear me out. I love The Weeknd. His particular brand of debauched lyrics, sexual overtures and drug addled mayhem are really fun to listen to. The only problem with his music is that I feel sticky after I’ve listened to it. You know what I mean. I dare you to listen to a whole album and maintain eye contact with your mother. It’s not possible.

Bootstraps cut straight through that icky feeling to create something that leaves you, once again, needing to contact the person you love and just giving them a giant hug.

3. Alkaline Trio – Sadie: One of my favourite bands, I love Alkaline Trio’s brand of Satanic, nihilistic, devil-may-care post-punk music. I can’t think of a single song of theirs that I don’t like and I still have the ticket from when I went to see them live. They shut down the whole show because someone threw a shoe on the stage and they really wanted that person to be reunited with their footwear.

Sadie is a tragic ode to one of the members of the Manson family. And I love Matt Skiba, so there’s that…

4. John Newman – Come and Get It: Fun fact for you all, I used to live with John Newman’s older and equally talented brother, Jim (or James). While this may colour my eagerness to listen to John’s music, it in no way biases my opinion of it. It’s amazing.

John’s raw sandpaper vocals over Northern Soul melodies once made me dance so hard, my life log on my phone thought I was on a bike ride. I burned over 500 calories just jamming along to this tune. John’s album was a favourite of my family when I lived in Africa. I would grab my bucket of hot water, turn on the speaker and belt out his songs to rapturous applause.

5. Yeasayer – O.N.E.: Literally, as I type this, I have figured out that the acronym O.N.E. stands for One’s Not Enough. I’ve been listening to this song for years!

I’m pretty sure that this song is about giving up drugs, but I don’t care. It gets my hips moving and nothing will stop me from singing the final bridge. “It feels like being tranquilised. I know that separation kills the soul”.

6. Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire: The Boss has finally arrived on my playlist. Actually, he’s been on it for years, I’ve just not mentioned him. But it’s about time I paid him dividends.

What more can I say that hasn’t already been said? He’s The Boss. Even though the lyrics may have pejorated  with time (“Hey little girl, is your daddy home”), the feeling and raw passion has not. Screw that woman’s inattentive partner, The Boss loves you so much it feels like a freight train running through his skull!

7. Blankts & Teddy (feat Tulpa) – 2 Yrs Late: There are two types of performers.

Entertainers/showboaters. These are people who want to crowd singing along and want the adoration.

Then there are the empathetic performers. The ones who want you to feel how they feel. This song falls firmly in the latter category.

It feels like a text conversation between two people who broke up years ago and neither one is really over it. It’s heartbreaking. You can hear the love in both of their voices, even though one has moved on. One knows that they’ve screwed up, but they’re putting their cards on the table in the vain hope of reconciliation. It’s not going to happen, but good God you want it to.

8. Sleeping With Sirens – Scene One – James Dean & Audrey Hepburn: I don’t, in all honesty, know why Sleeping With Sirens haven’t deleted their earlier version of this song. This one is utter perfection. I’m not normally a fan of American inflections and falsetto tones, but this song uses both perfectly. It’s one of the most beautiful songs in existence and I am starting a grassroots campaign for it to replace the wedding march.

It’s about being in love with one solitary human being. Not that they’re the greatest human being in existence, just that they’re perfect for you. Every line is an honest account of how much they love the other person. “I can’t promise that things won’t be broken but I swear that I will never leave.” is one of the most wholehearted declarations of love I could possibly think of.

9. You Me At Six – Be Who You Are: For Christ’s sake Josh! This song needs to be about 8 minutes longer!

1 minute 48 seconds of aural bliss. Another love song about just accepting the person you love. The title says it all. No pedestals here, just be you and Josh and I will love you forever. Music needs more of this. People don’t need to be validated as the greatest thing ever. People just want to be told, I love who you are, keep doing that. No pressure. Just be you and we are golden.

10. Stormzy – Shut Up: I am not usually a fan of bragging. I think it cheapens everything you do… Unless you’re Stormzy. This guy is amazing and is in no way embarrassed to tell you so.

I don’t know a lot about Rap or Grime, but I know what I like. Every line flows into the other with a slight staccato for emphasis. It’s not overly aggressive or defensive. Stormzy is just proud of what he’s done and if you have a problem with that, I think you know what to do.

11. Jacob Banks – Sink or Swim: What a voice! Very few songs are able to emote their meaning in the first few lines. Many rely on the chorus to drive to point home. Jacob Banks relies on his delivery and emotion to envelop you in a feeling of not believing in yourself enough to be certain of the outcome, but enough pride to try anyway.

From the first note on the piano, you feel uplifted and as the song continues you feel a renewed sense of hope and passion. I don’t even have much going on at the moment, I just know that now I want to do it, do it.

12. The Killers – Sam’s Town (Live From Abbey Road): Obviously, I love Brandon Flowers. I love a lot of The Killers’ music. This song, however, is something else.

Stripped of all finery, this song sounds like stepping off the bus to Vegas for the first time and just trying to discern where you fit in; somewhere between the shiny glow and who you actually are…

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