Welcome back to the Foodie Adventures Power Hour, or however long this list of songs lasts. Like half an hour? I don’t really know.

For the benefit of those just tuning in (seriously, why do I keep adopting these personas?) this is where I tell you the songs I sing and dance to while making my delicious, healthy meals that don’t even take the length of one playlist to make.

Just so you know, I’m trying not to put the same songs on these lists week after week but some songs just stick with you. I still own an Ipod with Avril Lavigne’s first album on. Wait, forget that. I’m trying to make you think I know about music… I meant… The Pixies first EP. That’s it, that’s the one…. (don’t pretend that Complicated didn’t make you feel things).

Before I embarrass myself further, let’s hit play and get this show on the road…

Again, in no particular order:

  1. Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting on You): For the love of all that is good and holy, before you add this song to your playlist (which you should because it’s fantastic), watch any video of a live performance by the band. It’s Goddamn mesmerising. I mean, it’s breathtaking and absolutely incredible, but those dance moves will inspire even the most stoic listener
  2. Local Natives – Mt Washington: I heard this on the “Life is Strange” soundtrack (a great game, by the way) and, even though it is almost the definition of a hipster song, hipster isn’t synonymous with terrible. A haunting, melancholic love song. It’s an absolute heartbreaker
  3. Ryn Weaver – Pierre: Similar to Rainbow Kitten Surprise (just listen to them, now!) I could have chosen any song from Ryn Weaver’s debut album for this list (apart from Travelling Song because I’m not trying to make you cry). Every song is sung beautifully, and they all have a separate energy like stars exploding in a crazy melodic constellation of awesomeness
  4. Seafret – Drown (Cover): I was tempted to put the Bring Me the Horizon original on here, but that’s really more of a walking at a decent pace song. This cover somehow manages to use the same tempo and get the same message across, but sound like a completely different song. It is a testament to the skill of Seafret and why they have become a regular part of my work music playlist
  5. Pogo – Wishery: Pogo is one of those artists it’s impossible to fully explain. You just need to listen to him. An all too brief summary is that this audio artist takes sound bites from a film (for example, Wishery is from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) and cuts them into some pretty sick Trip-Hop tunes. It’s a weird mixture of nostalgia, recognition and general musical enjoyment. There’s loads of different films and songs to choose from, so go ahead. You won’t regret it
  6. Joe Purdy – You Don’t Like Me Anymore: A wonderful slice of Americana. Joe Purdy’s music switches between a sort of “Why did you leave me?” yearning to “Keep walking dick, I don’t know why I even care” that anyone who has ever cared about anyone ever goes through when it all goes to shit. When I get time, I want to make a playlist of all of his songs of his which will play out like the story of a relationship, in chronological order, from meeting and being childhood sweethearts to murdering them
  7. Dean Martin – Little Ole Wine Drinker Me: There’s two reasons I love this song. 1. Because it’s a great song. It’s classic Ratpack, I don’t need to explain. 2. It reminds me of a summer holiday with my family. Not much more to say about this…
  8. Lucy Rose – Middle of the Bed: I love Lucy Rose’s voice. It’s effortless. This song was one of the first songs of hers I ever listened to and it never fails to get turned up when it comes on shuffle.
  9. Ty Dolla $ign – Stand For: What? Did you think it was going to be all maudlin guitar music? Come on son! I can get down. This song just entertains the heck out of me. Gratuitous use of the N-Bomb? Check! Unbridled (and unnecessary) machismo? You damn right! A melodic voice? Surprisingly, yes! If you only know of Ty Dolla $ign because of Fifth Harmony, get a grip and lean back!
  10. Brandon Flowers – Both Solo Albums: I know, I know! I should pick one song and extol it’s many many virtues. The problem is, I can’t. They’re just a great pair of albums. Listening to them, I feel like I never have to go to Vegas, it’s all right there for me to listen to. From the seedy back alleys of Old Town to the unwavering neon of The Strip. Brandon Flowers has pulled up in his soft top Cadillac and you’re going for a ride.
  11. Rationale – The Mire: I love all of the bands that make it onto these lists but I really want Rationale to drop an album soon. He keeps releasing a song, leaving it for ages, releasing another and now I’m tempted to kidnap him and make him sing to me. His voice is so smooth, the lyrics and melody are the right kind of catchy.

Actually, I’m just going to spend the rest of the evening listening to Rationale. God, I love him so much…

[Quick note, I’m not actually intending to kidnap you dude (if you’re reading this). It’s hyperbole. Would not say no to grabbing a drink and hanging out. Just throwing that one out there…]

While I took the picture, the image is of a really nice beer I had in Edinburgh from a company called Stewart Brewing. You can find the beer here and check out some of the other cans because the artwork is amazing!

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