Welcome back to the Foodie Adventures Power Hour, or however long this list of songs lasts. Like half an hour? I don’t really know.

For the benefit of those just tuning in (seriously, why do I keep adopting these personas?) this is where I tell you the songs I sing and dance to while making my delicious, healthy meals that don’t even take the length of one playlist to make.

Just so you know, I’m trying not to put the same songs on these lists week after week but some songs just stick with you. I still own an Ipod with Avril Lavigne’s first album on. Wait, forget that. I’m trying to make you think I know about music… I meant… The Pixies first EP. That’s it, that’s the one…. (don’t pretend that Complicated didn’t make you feel things).

Before I embarrass myself further, let’s hit play and get this show on the road…

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