One of my favourite foods has got to be sushi (and burgers, don’t ever underestimate how much I love burgers). It’s one of those meals that you can eat so much of it, yet you never feel guilty. It just tastes so clean and delicious.

My problem is that I live in an industrial town towards the North of England. The best I can do to satisfy my fish and rice craving is the little packets you get in the sandwich section of supermarkets. They hardly scream authenticity and they can be quite bland.

I had never really considered making my own until I started this blog. Watching videos on YouTube and reading articles about master sushi chefs made the whole thing seem quite daunting. It wasn’t until I started to experiment a bit more with my cooking that I realised that

a) Even those chefs had to start somewhere

b) I’m the one eating it, who actually cares if I’m not a grand master?

So I threw caution to the wind and decided to make myself some sushi. Then I realised I didn’t have any nori (the seaweed wrapping stuff) so I settled for a rice bowl with pickled vegetables.

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