Every time you cook chicken, do you find it ends up being dry and tasteless?

After you’ve fried or grilled it, does have a consistency on par with a shoe?

Fear not! I am here to help… I have no idea why I’m talking like a carnival ringleader from the 1900s but I’m going with it.

So, ROUND UP! ROUND UP! Here is how to cook chicken that stays incredibly juicy, tender and delicious!

If you’re going to batter your chicken (as in with eggs and flour and stuff, not a bare-knuckle throwdown) then I insist that you follow my instructions and you will never buy fast food chicken again! Well… you will, because it’s not like you can fry/bake your chicken in your car on the motorway. But you won’t do it out of choice again, which is more reasonable!

So HEAR YEE! HEAR YEE… ok, this is getting tiresome. I’m going back to normal.

We are going brine your chicken into next week!

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