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Date: 30th March 2016

Chilli con Carne: A Fitting Send Off

As you are probably aware, I am moving out of my flat and into a new home. This change of circumstance presented me with a conundrum.

What should be my final meal in the place I’ve called home for so long?

I had loads of different ideas of what I should cook. I considered tapas, but I’ve packed most of my pans away and I’m trying to avoid buying food until I’m settled in the new place.

I thought about a charcuterie platter, but this felt like a cop out. While it  is one of my favourite meals, there’s no cooking involved. And it requires me to buy too much cheese. Ok, I’ll admit, it’s not an actual requirement but, what am I supposed to do? Buy one kind of cheese? What am I? An animal?

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Here’s To You, My Old Friend

Yes, that is my Batman wall. I’ll need to find a new place for it I suppose.

Dear reader, the next time you hear from me, I will be in my new house. Blogging from a new kitchen with more cupboard space and plenty of natural light so I can start my herb garden.

The thought of this fills me with a mixture of maudlin sentimentality and optimistic promise.

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