I am really getting into this whole breakfast malarky! Especially because overnight oats are so easy!

All you need is to get a load of ingredients together, put them in your container and leave them to soak. That’s it! And if you’re not sure what to put in your overnight oats, there are a few rules I like to follow:

  1. Dried fruit and nuts. Simple, easy and always works
  2. Sweet spices; think cinnamon and nutmeg. Just chuck in a teaspoon, give it a stir and leave the amazing flavours to permeate
  3. If it makes a decent cake, it makes amazing oats

Keeping Rule #3 in mind (you may remember Carrot Cake Oats previously), I thought I would use a recipe which would use up all of the lemons I seem to have accumulated. You know what they say, “When life gives you lemons, do something with the lemons” (I’m not brilliant at proverbs, but I gather that’s the gist).

So I began thinking of flavours which go well with lemon. All I could think of was Lemon Pepper Chicken. That’s when I realised I was hungry. So I made that and got back to breakfast.

Eventually, I thought about rosemary; by “thought about” what I mean is, I went through my fridge and sniffed things until something seemed right.

I considered just lemon, but then I realised it would be a little bit sour which would lead to me dousing the thing in something sweet. This completely negates the point of having a healthy breakfast. So, when I found the rosemary, it all just seemed to come together. I absolutely love rosemary. I love the aroma, the taste… actually, they’re the only two things pertinent about the herb. But you get the point.

Lemon Rosemary Cake is definitely a thing (I Googled it) so I set about making it in oat form.

Here we go:



*Flaxseed (optional)*

Zest of Half a Lemon

Juice of Quarter of Lemon (Too much and your milk curdles, too little and there really is no point)

Leaves of Half a Sprig of Fresh Rosemary (If you have a mezzaluna, herb rocking knife, then this is a perfect time to break this out because you want the rosemary to be in very small pieces)

Nuts (Nothing too flavourful, I just used blanched almonds)

Dried fruits (something like raisins or cranberries)

Yogurt (Greek, plain, low-fat it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference)

Milk/Water (Dealer’s choice)

Honey (I would say “any natural sweetener” but the flavour of honey really compliments the lemon and rosemary so stick with it)


You can’t honestly expect me to write the method, can you? Throw it all in, give it a stir, drop the yogurt on top, drizzle some honey, leave overnight (hence the name), eat in the morning.¬†Robert’s your Father’s Brother…

I hope you enjoy this breakfast, I really did.

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