This is, hopefully, going to be my most regular feature here on my blog.

A review of tea.

When I just typed those words, I nearly closed my laptop through boredom.

“A review of tea”.

“A review of tea”?

God, that sounds as though it will be the most banal set of words ever set down or a pretentious musing on the many layers of flavour that steeped leaves can bring to your palate.

Well, guess what. It probably will be!

Actually, the truth is that I have recently become quite taken with tea. Mainly herbal, fruity, non-caffeinated ones. This is because of three reasons:

  1. From Sunday evening to Friday I┬ádon’t really drink
  2. I don’t really like soft drinks. The main problem I have is that they are too easy to drink. A pint glass lasts me an inordinately short amount of time and then I’m sat there without a drink and I can’t be bothered to get up and get one
  3. I have to drink something. Heaven forfend, I sit on my sofa feeling parched

With this in mind, I tend to sit in my flat watching entire series of shows as though someone is going to take them away from me, drinking about four pints of different flavoured teas.

It’s actually much more enjoyable than it sounds.

So, if you find yourself in the tea section, baffled by the superfluous choices of flavoured teas, take a look through my reviews and you should be able to find the mug for you.

Or just read it and wonder, at what point in my life I thought “Hmm, a tea blog. People will definitely want to read a tea blog”. Whatever works for you…

*The mug in the image up there has been in my possession for over 10 years and will act as the constant in my tea tasting sessions. It has the capacity of over two and a half normal mugs because I really don’t know how to do things to a normal level*

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