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Getting Back To The Gym

So…. A year ago I wrote a blog post about getting healthy. It was called “My 12 Week Fitness Challenge

The fact that it was actually written over 52 weeks ago should give you a bit of a clue as to how successful that entire endeavour was…

Well, I’ve been going to the gym for the last 8 weeks and it’s going well.

This isn’t going to be a blog post about what to do when you’re at the gym, nor is it about diet, macros, nutrition windows or anything like that. Simply because I have no idea what I’m talking about regarding all of that.

I have a rough idea for me. But I’m a very special animal and none of my advice is usable for the majority of people. I lose weight relatively easily. I eat irregularly to the point I was accidentally engaged in intermittent fasting for a month and I only started using protein shakes because they were on offer.

What I can offer is a little bit of advice for anyone who, like me, was concerned about heading back into the gym.

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Pineapple Chilli Chicken

This is one of my favourite meals to cook and eat… if you follow me on Instagram, you already know this…

Anyway, it’s just so simple to make and there’s tonnes of flavour. It’s one of my classic, “Throw it in a pan and come back when it’s ready” meals so, if you’ve had a long day or just don’t have the energy to try, make this and thank me later.

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Bryant & Mack: Case Closed – A Bar Review

As I made my way down the cobbles of Rose Street, rain cascading down on me from a sky which threatened to strike with lightning at any moment, I almost walked past the offices.

I knew the general direction I was headed, it was on my way home, I just didn’t know the exact destination. I guess that should have been my first clue that these guys were something different.

Eventually, sopping wet, I found a blue door which looked like it had take a beating. Illuminated by a single lamp above the frame, in the pitch darkness I could just about make out the logo of the people I needed to see.

Bryant & Mack: Private Detectives

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Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic with Eteaket Gin Tea

So, there’s a heatwave. Is it a heatwave if it lasts this long or is it just the weather? Every year, the newspapers blare out warnings of an incoming heat wave.

If it happens every year, it can’t be a freak occurrence. Look, I just Googled it:

“A prolonged period of abnormally hot weather.”

Last year was set to be the hottest on record, the year before that was too… I think. I’m writing recipes, not conducting research on global climate patterns.

Any way. As I write this, it’s half past 1 and it’s currently 17℃ (Yay! I found the button) here in Edinburgh. That’s pretty warm. It’s also a Tuesday.

The reason I’m giving you the lowdown on my surroundings is because this is the perfect temperature for a Gin and Tonic. However, it’s not the perfect time. People tend to judge you when you sit in your living room drinking cocktails while they’re at work. I think it’s just jealousy but I’m not in the mood to challenge it.

That’s why I made a non-alcoholic version of this classic summer drink.

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The Ron Swanson Flip Cocktail

I love a good cocktail. You probably already know that if you’ve ever read this blog before.

I also like pop culture references… same as above…

So when I bought a bottle of Rittenhouse Bottled In Bond as a treat for my birthday week, I felt it was imperative that I combine those two loves in a delicious way.

After considering about 2 options. I settled on making a drink which would make Ron Swanson proud. Which meant I needed to make bacon whiskey.

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My Return To Form… Again

Hello there! Long time no see!

You see, that’s funny because I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m making it sound like I just nipped out for a bit.

The truth behind my lacklustre performance in the blogging department has been a multitude of problems, beset upon me from all sides

The main issue has been, simply, a lack of confidence. You see, I work as a bar supervisor. I recently turned 29. You can probably see where this is going. I had been applying for more grown up jobs and had been knocked back each and every time. Which, as it would, left me wondering… Do I even know what I’m doing?

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Keep Warm With Tanqueray Gin

When Tanqueray asked me if I knew how any warm/warming cocktails for this blight of cold weather we’ve been having recently, I was pretty excited.

Usually, Gin is seen to be a Spring/Summer drink. The skies need to be blue, the clouds non-existent and ice cubes big and clinking (or crushed if I’m having a Bramble).

But people have been drinking warm gin for a number of years.

Gin is for all seasons.

Quick note though. If you’re reading this, it means that there are no pictures below. This is because, in my infinite wisdom, I made everything, wrote down the recipes, drank the cocktails and then cleared away in the morning. Keen eyed observers will notice that I didn’t say anywhere in that “took a few photos for posterity”. My bad… I guess I’ll have to make them all again at some point and take some shots. This is what I do for you people.

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Four Person Gdansk Troupe: Part 1 – The Arrival

For some reason, prior to my most recent trip, I had never entertained the idea of holidaying in Poland. Nothing against the place, it’s just not somewhere on my list of places to visit before I die.

I am aware that Poland is a place, it has a rich cultural history and I know plenty of people for whom it is home. It just always seemed to slip below the radar when I would look at holidays. This is also because I don’t really go on that many holidays.

That being said, after spending a few days in the city of Gdansk, I insist that you drop everything you are doing right now (unless it’s literally a matter of life and death, that you may continue) and figure out a way to get there.

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Wonderfully Warming Winter Squash Soup

I must confess, I’m not of a soup eater.

I think it stems to how I used to eat it as a child. I’d butter about 8 slices of white bread, eschew the spoon and just start dipping. I think that the comedian Seann Walsh says it best (skip to about 2:19):

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How To Use Your Christmas Leftovers

Before I go ahead and tell you how to enjoy what’s left of your delicious Christmas Dinner this year, understand that I’m in no way talking about the main event. Whether that be turkey, duck, beef or a nut loaf.

You and I both know that the centrepiece of your festival feast will have been picked clean by now. Used in sandwiches, wraps and midnight excursions to the fridge as you nibble “just a smidge” while deciding what you actually want to eat.

The turkey is gone, you’re just going to have to face facts, I’m afraid.

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